Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just Can't Win

The last week or so has been pretty rough on me. Last Tuesday a trojan horse managed to get past my firewall and infect my PC. Of course, that means I spent the next couple of days reloading Windows (and all it's updates), along with the various programs I use. Fortunately, I keep all my data on a separate drive, so none of that was infected. Those were the latest in a string of several nights where I got at most four hours of sleep a night. By the time Friday rolled around, I was absolutely exhausted and needed to take a day off from work (I'll leave work out of this). The weekend was relatively uneventful, but Monday brought it's own little surprise. The folks who ordered my contact lenses made a mistake and ordered the wrong kind (ones that adjust for astigmatism), so I had to schedule a visit to the eye doctor. The quickest I could get in was Wednesday at lunch; rather than deal with driving back and forth to work, I decided to take the day off for what turned out to be a ten minute exam to confirm my contacts were in fact wrong (the right ones were then ordered). Today brought the ruining of another tire (the second in about six months), so rather than screw around with trying to find a single tire, I broke down and went to Costco for a whole new set of tires. I'm really hoping things start going my way because this is starting to get frustrating. Then again, I'm going to Vegas next weekend, so maybe my luck will change at just the right time.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

GFC: Week 4

This week we played a brand new team. As expected, we beat the hell out of them 13-0. Everyone was able to kick twice for the first this season (which was awesome), and I had a really sweet double play in the fifth inning. Since we are now 4-0, we play the top-rated team from the other conference in our division next week as our prelude/warmup for the tournament on the 30th. No youtube video this week, however.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

GFC: Week 3

Another week of kickball brought another close game. This week we had Redrum, who edged us out in the bottom of the fifth inning of our first ever game a couple of seasons ago. Needless to say, we had revenge on our minds. Fortunately, we came out with a 1-0 win this time around (despite my mindless base running mistake). Take it from here youtube...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

GFC: Week 2

We won a back and forth nail-biter against Nut's & Honey's to bring our record to 2-0 (our best start ever). Cue up the embedded youtube clip!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Football, Where Are You?

It's the beginning of August, and that can only mean one thing; the start of football season is around the corner. So far it has been six months(!) since there was a meaningful game, and like many people around this country, my (probably unhealthy) addiction to the game is in full withdrawal. Since college football is the embodiment of the game's purity for me, I still have to wait another three weeks or so before Oklahoma begins their march to an eighth national championship. Until then, I have to get my fix somewhere, somehow. And to what lengths have I gone? Not only have I attempted to watch AFL games (which is not real football, IMHO), I have actually been watching Sportscenter with bated breath for Canadian league highlights (don't get me started about NFL pre-season games). Not exactly passed out in a gutter in Tijuana missing my pants and wearing a blond wig, but probably not far from it.