Tuesday, October 7, 2008

GFC: Playoffs Round 1

After a week layoff due to Rosh Hashanah, playoffs finally began last night. Since we finished first in our conference (and in the division overall), we drew the lowest ranked team in the opposing conference, the Ball Breakers. It just so happened that not only did one of our current team members use to play for them, there were also some intra-office rivalries sparked as co-workers squared off in a battle to the death (not exactly, but you get the point). Not to take anything away from the Ball Breakers, but the game was over pretty quick. Our prototypical suffocating defense was in top form while our offense hit on all cylinders (two homeruns and 4 extra base kicks) en route to a 12-0 win. With our undefeated record now up to 9-0, we face Feets of Fury next week in what should be the first game of a double header. That's right folks; quarterfinals and semifinals are on the same night. Why, do you ask? Because that's just how kickball rolls (bad puns not withstanding).

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