Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cable Company

Anyone who has not lived in the sticks within the last couple of decades has at one time or another dealt with the source of much consternation for the average American: the cable company. Pricing that outpaces inflation, inflexibility for end-user hardware, and the dreaded service calls (a four hour window to show up?) have contributed to the ever rising stress levels of many Americans. Now that I am on my own and dealing with my third cable company, I thought I, like millions of other people, had my balls in the proverbial vice. But a funny thing happened. Out of the blue, my lineup of HD channels almost tripled. Then, after finally accepting the fact that my almost ten-year old broadband modem needed to go, I called about changing modems. The young lady who helped me was courteous and patient as I ran around making sure all my various devices had in fact connected with the new modem. Dealing with any kind of tech support folks is usually akin to pulling teeth for me, but this particular experience was actually pleasant. Come to think of it, the few times I have had to deal with Time Warner's customer support, they have been nothing but helpful, always patient and personable. So maybe the cable company isn't so bad after all.

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