Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quote of the year

"Soccer is the metric system of sports."

Talk about conveying immense complexity with such a simple statement.

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Uncle T said...

If soccer is the metric system of sports, what's football? A bunch of Neanderthals that run around knocking each other down - and we pay millions each year to watch this?

Much like our oil problem, we pay millions each day for the juice and continue to facilitate the problem. Not that our great leaders might, just for a moment, sit down together and work to find a solution - naw, that would be to much to expect from some overpaid windbags.

Hoob, it ain't the cars or the oil that will get us. It's not even our debilitating desire to have whatever we want that will bring us down. It's going to be something as simple as soccer. See, it's a European sport. They figured out how to blast the dollar (the Euro) and we did nothing. They figured out how to get a handle on the stock markets, and we ignored it. They even figured out how to get contracts away from American companies to build our own defense weapons. They were able to do all this because they know how to play soccer really well. Maybe we should trade football for soccer?