Monday, July 7, 2008

4th 'O July Rundown

Once again, the time to celebrate our nation's birth has come and past, but it did not go quietly. Here's a quick rundown of what turned out to be a pretty good weekend:

July 2nd - My 28th birthday *sigh*. How did I celebrate? By making it through yet another day at work and having all you can eat sushi by myself. Even though it doesn't sound like much, it was actually pretty awesome. Nothing like absolutely gorging yourself on raw fish.

July 3rd - A small reprieve from work with a day off (wOOT!). And how did I celebrate such a glorious event? By killing Mexican terrorists all day with Joe & Sully on Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Needless to say, awesomeness prevailed for a second straight day.

July 4th - The morning was filled with kickball in the sweltering heat. Afternoon and evening consisted of drinking and swimming, with some sweet fireworks tossed in for good measure (way to go Burbank!).

July 5th & 6th - Wash, rinse, and repeat of the 3rd.

About the only thing lacking was debating the socio-economic impact of fluctuating chocolate truffle prices in Northern Uganda due to unrest within the African Union with Tina Fey (with glasses) while in an American-flag bikini. That would have been the highlight of my year.

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Alexander said...

Ahhh my friend...those days of unfettered and constant awesomeness come to a screeching halt when you get married...remember that...although if my wife ever reads this I should include that I love being married...I just loved the awesomeness of bachelorhood as well.