Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Hot In The Desert

Everyone knows that deserts are hot. Given that I live in the southwestern corner of the Mojave desert, it's a foregone conclusion that summers are really hot. Even though the humidity is almost non-existent, heat is still heat. Here are the temperatures of the past week as interpreted by my car's ambient temperature gauge (while sitting on a concrete runway all day):

Monday - 110
Tuesday - 118 (holy shit!!!)
Wednesday - 109
Thursday - 106
Friday - 101 (thanks to some clouds and a 30+ mph wind).

Did I forget to mention that I do not like hot weather (and that I am constantly reminded it was 112 degrees and 100% humidity the day I was born)? The longer I am out in California the more I grow accustomed to warm weather. However, everyone has their limits. It might be a dry heat, but 100+ degrees is still hot no matter how low the humidity is. At least there is air conditioning (assuming the power has not gone out from the demand for electricity).

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